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LUBRI-LIMP/0: Instant contact cleaner with fast evaporation and NON RESIDUE at all.

SOPLAPOLVO: Dry compressed gas for removing dust. Does not leave any trace.

NIEVE LÍQUIDA: Hyper refrigerant. Super frosting aid to chill instantly any piece in electronic equipments.

LUBRI-LIMP/1: Slight lubricating contact cleaner. Cleans and lubricates in one fast operation.

LUBRI-LIMP/2: Medium viscosity lubricant for all moving parts in electronics. Eliminates squeaks and removes water.

LUBRI-LIMP/3: Multipurpose high viscosity rustproof oil lubricant. For all home, industry and shop appliances. Displaces water.

LUBRI-LIMP/6: Multipurpose foam computer cleaner for keyboards, screens, printers, phones, fax, etc. With desinfectant power.

PASTA DE SOLDAR: Soldering paste for hard jobs and perfect joints. Cleans the soldering gun. Doexidizes the parts to be soldered.

AISLARCO/1: Acrylic insulator varnish for printed circuits. Protects against enviromental attack. Dries rapidly.

AISLARCO/2: Insulator and protector urethan varnish. Fast drying coating to protect printed circuits allowing soldering through.

ESMALECTRIC: Quick drying transparent RED enamel. High gloss. Insulates exposed wiring, prevents rust.

LIMPIA VIDEO GRABADORAS: Video tape head cleaner removing dirt and oxide. Total evaporation.

PCB SOLVENT CLEANER: Removes organic residues and flux prior to and after soldering. With extra brush. 

LUBRI MIL SILICONA: Multipurpose silicone spray lubricant. Unlimited uses on any surface: wood, metal and all pieces. Also as a mold release.

DISOLVOXID: Rust penetrant for "frozen" parts. The residual film lubricates and provides protection against subsequent corrosion.

ANTI-H2O: Waterproof rust inhibitor. Stops sticking and corrosion of all your tools. It seals out moisture.